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What is Internet-of-Things (IoT)?

In simple terms, IoT is connecting physical devices to the Internet. Being connected to the internet allows devices to push and pull data over the Internet. This empowers systems like mobile apps control devices remotely, and at the same time gather data of the physical device. An IoT mobile app provides a convenient front-end for users to see information and seamlessly control physical devices.

How can IoT solutions benefit businesses?

Improve Business Analytics

Businesses can get more valuable data with the implementation of Internet-of-Things systems as these devices send data to the internet whenever needed.

Improve Productivity

Businesses can better allocate resources by saving resources on the traditional process of physically controlling devices, replacing with controlling remotely.

Cut costs

With the right data, IoT can help reduce cost of a lot of manual labour. E.g. Maintenance can be greatly reduced by maintaining remotely or when needed.

Increased Profits

Iot can help offer new range of services or business models in different industries, adding new channels of revenue for many businesses to have.

How do IoT solutions work?

IoT works by integrating an internet device into machines, to allow them to get and send data to the internet, a.k.a cloud. The internet device can be in the form of Wi-Fi chip or a data chip that has internet connection.

This device is then connected to the cloud. The cloud stores data that the device has sent. Systems like web-apps and mobile apps can then extract the data from the cloud to be allowed to be presented in the front-end, understandable by users or consumers.

Same for the reverse, mobile apps and web-apps can push data to control the machines remotely. For example for an IoT printer, the user will press “start” in the mobile app, upload the image he wants to print, and the data will be sent to the cloud. The internet device on the printer will constantly “listen” for new data coming in, and once notified of the new data, will grab the data from the cloud and start printing. Once printing is complete, it will send data to the user saying that the printing is complete.

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Who can use IoT Solutions?

Consumers who want to make 'Smart' things
There are many people who are interested in integrating smart systems in their everyday lives. We help these people with our expertise in IoT Solutions. Smart offices, smart homes, smart living is the future of how we live and it is something we feel will be valuable to all. IoT Solutions can improves the lives of millions if done well. Contact us to see how IoT can be integrated in your system.
People with idea of joining hardware to software
If you have an idea of IoT Solutions, contact us and we will be very happy to help bring that idea to reality. With the help of technical expertise, we are confident that your next IoT idea will be in the market in a jiffy. We enjoy helping people with interesting ideas and love listening to new innovations. Let us be the ones who bring you on this amazing journey.
Businesses looking to automate processes with IoT
Many traditional businesses do not have IoT solutions integrated in their processes. That is a major disadvantage as the benefits of IoT solutions in businesses is outstanding. It will improve the business process in many ways, one example being able to control devices remotely, and getting data of these devices remotely without being at the site in person. To see how we can help with IoT solutions, contact us.
Businesses who wants to get better data
In IoT, every device is connected. With the connectivity, we are able to get data from all devices that are linked. The data will serve as a very powerful data tool, allowing many devices to be able to be tracked, e.g. log timings, error logs, etc. These data can be integrated into documents or even a web-based admin panel, or even a mobile app if needed, and these are all part of our IoT solutions.
Businesses who want to save costs in different areas
With IoT solutions integrated in businesses, we eliminate and reduce unnecessary tasks with the gathering of more accurate data. With the remote access to all device through IoT systems, people don’t have to be physically at the site of the device. Analytics can also be done live with the integration of the data into things like mobile apps or websites that engineers can access easily.
Businesses who want to increase profits
IoT solutions can also provide increase of profits by adding additional business models in businesses. For example, we can suggest clients to bill their clients outcome-based with our data from IoT. They can also offer the data that are gathered in the IoT systems as a premium service that they can charge extra in. The possibilities are endless in IoT solutions for business, contact us to learn more.

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